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20 Travel Stamps To Try In Your Scrapbook Now

The versatility of stamps knows no bounds, especially when it comes to scrapbooking! offers a variety of travel stamps, as well as other themed stamps for endless creativity. Stamps can help tie together a page's theme and bring a polished look to your album. Using different colored inks, paper, washi tape and embellishments also allows you to stay within your overall style.

Check out this list of 20 travel stamps to try in your next scrapbooking endeavor!

1. Our Trip To...

Use the Our Trip To stamp to fill in your vacation destination.

2. On This Day

The On This Day stamp is a great choice for not only travel themes, but a wide variety scrapbooking pages, too.

3. Compass

A Compass stamp delivers a nautical look.

4. Travel Details

A Travel Details stamp allows you to give a summary of your day’s activities, or remember what’s happening in a photo.

5. Camera

The Camera stamp is another one of those convenient multi-use stamps — perfect for any scrapbooking project.

6. Memories

A Memories stamp spruces up any photo.

7. Italy

The Italy stamp is a cool place-specific choice.

Check out our other location stamps here.

8. Vino Wine

The Vino Wine stamp helps capture a wine lover’s exploits.

9. Life is Full of Great Adventures

The Life is Full of Great Adventures stamp is one of our favorite designs. It’s great for cards, envelopes, planners and, of course, scrapbooking!

10. Talking Bubble

Add thoughts or silly phrases to your photos with the Talking Bubble stamp.

11. Latte

Dress up a delicious café shot with a Latte stamp.

12. Bon Voyage

Our Bon Voyage stamp is a pretty detail for any travel page.

13. Suitcase

Number 12 looks especially charming when paired with this vintage-inspired Suitcase stamp.

14. Airplane

What would a travel scrapbook be without an airplane stamp?

Check out our different airplane stamp designs here.

15. Favorite Part of Trip

Our Favorite Part of Trip stamp is a good tool to use to reflect back on your experiences.

16. Air Mail

The Air Mail stamp adds a playful touch to any travel layout.

17. Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self stamp — no further explanation needed.

18. Pizza Slice

Same goes for the Pizza Slice stamp!

19. World Travel

The World Travel stamp is excellent for all of your adventures.

20. Rome

Another location-specific pick for the Italy travelers: the Rome stamp.

Don’t see a stamp that fits in within your theme? Check out all of our themed stock stamps here.



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