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Why You Should be Stamping Your Dishes

As July 4th nears and brings with it plenty of parties and get-togethers, it's only a matter of time before one of your friends asks you to bring a dish to pass. Food? Easy. Serveware? Not so much. We've always been a little wary about using a nice platter or bowl in fear of never seeing it again after the party.

But then we had an epiphany: Duh! We should be stamping our dishes -- with a customized stamp for easy, visible ownership. No more responding to those group texts from the host asking who's ceramic plate this is, or who's cheese tray that is.

All you need is a stamp and some Aero Mark II ink. This quick-drying ink (dries in 10-15 seconds!) is made for stamping on non-porous surfaces and is actually USDA-approved for food packaging. The stamp pad even features a reversible design so that when one side becomes dry, you can just flip it over and use the other side.

As for stamps, there are several customizable designs to choose from, including This Dish Belongs To, From the Kitchen Of, Please Return To, Property Of and another From the Kitchen Of. These wood mounts feature red rubber, which is safe with Mark II ink.

Not only are these designs great for dishes, but you can also stamp tags, paper, wood, metal and more. Make your mark!


  • Hi Dianna — If you use a waterproof, quick-drying ink, like StazOn Permanent Ink Pads, it should work on non-porous surfaces like porcelain. We would recommend hand washing, though.

  • Hi I would like to stamp my dinnerware in some lettering
    But my dishes are porcelain already made, will your stamp work for them and stay on through the dishwasher?

    - Dianna Del Rio
  • Hi Tammie — Do you mean the brand Chanel? If so, unfortunately we don’t.

  • Do you have Chanel stampers?

    - Tammie

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