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8 Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

The school year is just about winding down to its end and with National Teacher Appreciation Week kicking off May 3rd, it is time to start looking for a gift for your child's favorite teacher. With such a strange school year now nearing its end, it's perhaps more important now than ever before to show your child's teachers just how much you and your child appreciate them. To make the gift-giving easier, we went ahead and put together a list of the top 8 teacher appreciation gifts.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Custom Teacher Stamps

1. Custom Teacher Stamp

Our first gift idea to show your kiddo's teacher some appreciation is a Custom Teacher Stamp. These stamps are great for teachers as they not only add a flare of personalization to their materials but also can be quite practical. There are a bunch of different kinds of custom teacher stamps but one of the more helpful stamps is the Teacher Correction Stamp, pictured below, which can be used to save precious time while grading.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Custom Teacher Stamps

2. Acrylic Name Plate

One teacher appreciation gift that we are particularly excited about is our NEW Teacher Themed Acrylic Nameplates. These high-quality, crystal clear acrylic nameplates are sure to impress and are a perfect way for your child's teacher to add some personality to their desk. Pictured above are three options of nameplates that can be the perfect gift for any teacher. For art or English teachers, try the colored pencil nameplate. For your favorite history teacher, the globe nameplate is a perfect choice and lastly, The Chalkboard & Apple Acrylic Nameplate has a classic classroom look that is ideal for basically any teacher!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Teacher Acrylic Name Plates

3. Avatar Stamps

Another great gift idea for your kid's favorite teacher is one of our Avatar Stamps. We're not talking about blue aliens or the master of all four elements, we're talking about a cartoon character you can design yourself to resemble your child's teacher. This is a great way to go that extra mile in personalizing your teacher appreciation gift and is sure to make them smile! These stamps are perfect for teachers to bring a fun but more personal touch to their grading or for marking class materials with a little added personality!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Custom Teacher Avatar Stamps

4. Custom Tumbler

A Custom Tumbler is another perfect gift idea for your child's favorite teacher! These 30 oz, white stainless steel, durable, kitchen-grade tumblers can be customized with your kid's teacher's name or a sweet message like "world's best teacher" to make the gift more fun personal. There's not much more aggravating than when your hot coffee gets cold and for a busy teacher this problem can be tough to avoid, luckily these tumblers have double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep drinks hot or cold to the last drop!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Customize A Teacher Tumbler!

5. Teacher Shaker Card

Sometimes the best gift is the one you make yourself. One great homemade gift is this Custom Teacher Appreciation Shaker Card by Happiness is Creating. This card is the perfect way to show your kiddo's teacher just how much you appreciate everything they've done this year. Happiness is Creating walks you through making the card with a step-by-step guide in her blog, but you can also put your own unique twist on it by utilizing a custom stamp with the teacher's name or avatar! Try getting your kids involved in making the card as well and encourage them to add their own creative flair to make the gift even more thoughtful and personal. This adorable card is a fantastic way to give thanks to your teacher is sure to put a smile on their face!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | DIY Teacher Appreciation Shaker Card

6. Handwashing Stamp

One gift that you might not have thought of is the Hand Washing Stamp which can be a great useful tool to show your appreciation. These stamps are perfect for grade school teachers as they come with a built-in lesson to teach kids proper hygiene and make sure they are washing their hands throughout the day. The stamps use child-safe ink, formulated for skin, and washes off after 6 to 10 washings, so if the teacher stamps the kid's hand at the beginning of the day they can know by the end of the day if they were washing their hands. These stamps are particularly meaningful in light of the pandemic and can be a huge help for teachers trying to return to the classroom safely.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Handwashing Stamp

7. Pencil Pouch

One easy gift that is sure to show your child's teacher how much you appreciate them is this adorable Pencil Pouch by Teach Create Motivate. This pencil case, with its cute and creative logo, is both fun and useful as teachers are often swamped with materials and this case will help them keep everything nice and organized. This pencil case, made by a fellow teacher, is a guaranteed winner for teacher appreciation week!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Colorful Pencil Pouch

8. Fingerprint Flower Plot

The last gift on our list, the Fingerprint Flower Pot, is a fun little art project courtesy of Kristen from Little Mama Jama. This flower pot is a particularly meaningful gift because it requires a little creative input from the kiddos to decorate the pot! Making the flower pot is quite simple and Little Mama Jama has the step-by-step instructions laid out on their website. We encourage you to have your kids put their own creative twist on it, by choosing the colors, painting their own designs, and maybe even writing their own message. There are few things as sweet as a handmade gift from the kiddos!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas | Personalized Fingerprint Flower Pots

Teachers truly are heroes, now more than ever, and it's so important to show how much you and your kids appreciate them and everything they do. We hope this list will help you and your kids come up with a gift that really goes above and beyond just as the teachers have been all year long!



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