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A Look into Dean & Bean's Sock Machines

Are you tired of having to always run out and buy new socks, why not turn your socks into a fun crafting activity and make them at home? We were lucky enough to have a chat with Mary Watson about the revolutionary new 3D-printed sock machine company, Dean and Bean's Sock Machines, and how they have used our stamps in their business strategy.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Dean and Bean’s?

Dean and Bean's began during Covid quarantine last year when Dean, who is an engineering student, designed a 3D-printed sock machine for his mom. Once it was done, it turned out other people were interested, too. So he and his sister (“Bean”) got together and started this company, with a little help from their Mom and Aunt. We've combined our passion for designing and building new things with our love of knitting to create Circular Sock Machines that are more affordable than the steel machines currently available.  

What is your company's mission?

At Dean and Bean's, we believe creative play is necessary food for the soul. We wish we had unlimited time for crafting - it provides artistic joy, calm in the midst of stress, and a break from our daily responsibilities. We value making time for the things that nurture our spirit. We've combined our passion for designing and building new things with our love of knitting to create Circular Sock Knitting Machines that are 3D-printed and manufactured in the United States. We provide access to all of the tools needed plus step-by-step instructions to crank out beautifully handcrafted socks on our machines, so our customers can do more of the fun parts with the time they have.

What was the inspiration behind your logo?

We designed our logo to reflect the creativity and fun we feel when using a Dean and Bean's Sock Machine. We hope it conveys the message that using our 3D-printed sock machine will be a fun new challenge for people who like fiber crafts and might want to try a variation of the craft. That's why we included the tag line "level up your knitting and start cranking." (Knitting on a Circular Sock Machine is commonly referred to as “cranking” because cranking the handle on the machine is what creates the knitted fabric.)

How are you using your stamps? Why rubber stamps?

We've used our stamps on bags for giveaways at fiber festivals and are also stamping the boxes we use for shipping our tool kits and accessories. We looked at both stickers and stamps but ultimately decided to go with the stamp for three reasons. First, we liked that we could use the stamp for multiple applications: it works well for both the bags and the boxes, and we didn't feel a sticker could serve both purposes well. Second, we liked that we could use a variety of colors with the stamp and we like the variety of ink choices to use in different applications. Lastly, we felt the stamps were very reasonably priced and as a small business we are careful about how we invest. Purchasing one stamp and ink is more affordable than stickers as the volume of our business grows.

Where can customers find you?

To shop Dean & Bean's Sock Machines, check out their Instagram and website!


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