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Baby Announcement: Gender Reveal with Stamps

There are few things in life as exciting as the announcement of a new baby on the way, perhaps the only thing would be the reveal of that baby's gender. There are a million ways people have revealed the gender of their baby, but we have come up with an easy and fun crafting project to bring a little creativity to the celebration!


Step 1:

Gather your materials

*pro tip add a small piece of cardboard or paper towel between the onesie to ensure the ink doesn't transfer through the fabric

Step 2:

Add your choice of fabric paint to a paper plate. We mixed blue and white to lighten the royal blue paint color. Once your colors are mixed, using a paintbrush spread out the ink in a thin layer and stamp!

* pro tip: don't let the thin layer of paint sit too long. The fabric paint does dry fairly quickly.

Step 3:

Once the stamp is inked, align, press, and hold firmly on the fabric for a few moments. Repeat to create your desired design.

Pro tip: If any areas of your impression are too light, use a small paintbrush to fill in light areas.

Step 4:

Let dry for 4 hours, but wait 72 hours before washing.

Step 5:

Step 5: Set up and stage your photo to share the exciting news!

Pro tip: Use your ultrasound photos, baby shoes, or confetti to help stage your announcement photo like a pro!

If you follow these simple steps (and don't be afraid to throw in your own creative flair!) you will not only have the perfect gender reveal photo to share on social media, but you will also have a cute outfit for the brand new baby! One or two custom stamps can go a long way in making an adorable gender reveal, and in just 5 steps you can have the perfect baby announcement post!



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