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Bunny Bait Easter Treat Bags

Easter is one of our favorite times of the year here at – mainly because there are so many stamping possibilities! One idea that’s sure to delight the kids are these Bunny Bait Easter treat bags. They’re quick, easy and great gifts for everyone.


  • Small bags (we found our polka-dot ones in a bargain bin at Michaels)
  • Ribbon or string
  • Easter grass or paper shred
  • Candy/small treats
  • Our Bunny Bait stamp
  • Stamp ink
  • Colored paper
  • Paper punch or scissors
  • Double-sided mounting squares or glue


First, using a paper punch or scissors, cut out a tag shape for each bag. Next, stamp the bunny on your tag. Since we had dark-colored paper, we stamped with white ink for better visibility.

We backed this tag with another – a different-colored one to stick out the bottom for extra dimension.
After stuffing each bag with paper shred and treats, we closed the top and ran a few different ribbons and string through the top hole, as well as attached the tag.
And with that, your Bunny Bait is ready! Set the bags out with your kids to help the Easter Bunny find your house, or hand them out to neighbors and friends.



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