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Collaboration With Ivy Pink - Sending You Hedgehugs

Hey there crafting friends! We have some amazing news to share! We've teamed up with Ivy Pink from @IvyPinkMade to bring you an awesome stamp set collab featuring the most adorable hedgehogs! These cute little critters will definitely put a smile on everyone's face with hand-crafted and uplifting cards and stationery. send your loved ones a warm and snuggly HedgeHUG no matter where they are. Follow along for some inspiring ideas for your next card-making project. Start sharing some much-needed Hugs for everyone.

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Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

Sending You HedgeHugs Card Instructions

1. Gather Supplies

To get started, gather all of your materials like your craft paper, paper doilies, ribbons, and any other embellishments you may want to use.

If you have a Cricut machine, you can use the Sending You HedgeHugs Cricut Files to cut out your stamp images before inking. You can also use a Cricut to cut out other elements such as stars, a banner flag, and scalloped edge paper. If you don't have a Cricut machine, place your white card stock onto a craft mat or paper to protect your surface.

2. Cut your paper layers

It's time to create the base of your card. In this design, we have three layers of paper that make up the base card. Start with the bottom-most layer - which will be your folded paper for opening and closing your card. Next, if you have a Cricut, feel free to follow along and cut a scalloped rectangle using your pink paper. Then, glue a slightly smaller paper rectangle on top to create a third layer. For this example, we choose a pink striped pattern.

Now that these two layers are attached together, glue on top of your folded card layer. You now have a beautiful 3-layer base card design!

2. Plan your design

Using your lace, paper doilies, and Cricut cuts, move elements around to finalize a layout for your design.

3. Stamp your images

Using clear stamps is easy, simply peel your stamp from it backing sheet and place it onto an acrylic stamp block. The photopolymer is slightly tacky, so your stamp can easily stick and be removed from your stamp block.

Second, ink your stamp with the ink pad and color of your choice. In this project, we are using black dye ink. Dye ink is water-based, which is great for card making as it drys quickly and creates crisp outlines for coloring in.

Stamp the designs onto your Cricut cuts or stamp them onto a sheet of white card stock. Be sure to space out the stamped impressions so that you can cut around them.

3. Color the hedgehog

When coloring in stamped images, our favorite coloring medium is to use alcohol art markers. These markers provide the best blending and color saturation. If you are not ready to invest in art markers, any coloring medium will work such as colored pencils or even watercolor!

Coloring Tip: If you are using a marker, practice doing a quick flick or light blotting of the marker for a more natural blending effect.

Always start with your lightest shade, adding darker shading on top.

4. Add additional detail

A super fun part of this stamp set is the additional icons that your hedgehog can hold. Choose the added detail that speaks to your creativity or the recipient and add it to your card design. Now you can also add your star Cricut cuts if you chose to complete this step as well as any adhesive gems to give your card the perfect sparkle!

Now you're ready to create your own HedgeHUG greeting card for all your friends! Don't forget to follow our blog and socials for more card-making inspiration and tips! Share your designs with us using #StampWithUS.

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