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DIY Graduation Card Ideas

Are you the type who loves to give handmade gifts to celebrate those special moments with loved ones? Check out these fun and festive graduation card ideas that range from classic to colorful and everything in between. Whether you're looking for something traditional or a card that screams "PARTY", we've got the perfect inspiration to help you create the ultimate grad card. Let's get crafting and make those graduates feel extra special!

The Classic Card

Bavo to your grad! With our classic Bravo Grad Clear Stamp Set, you can customize a card for anyone! This set features hats, gowns, diplomas, and more. Use traditional black ink or choose an ink that matches the grad school colors. Here are some stylistic ideas to try on your next card!

  • Layer your paper
  • Create a pattern
  • Use Embellishments
  • Create a gradient with ink

Tip: Create an ink gradient by stamping with multiple colors. Choosing a silhouette stamp will work best. Simply choose two or three ink colors and ink the top of the stamp with one color and then blend the other ink colors onto the stamp. Using a clean paintbrush to help blend is also recommened, but not required.

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Colorful Party Invitations

Who says you have to stick to boring school colors for your grad party invites and cards? Celebrate those Grad's accomplishments in style, with a card that's ready to celebrate just as much as the grad is! Get the party started with our Hat's Off to You Clear Stamp Set featuring fun balloons, banners, and fireworks to dazzel! Here are some ideas to try that will make your invites party more than the rest.

  • Use bright colors!
  • Add patterns to the balloons with hand-drawn lines, dots, and waves.
  • Add embellishments to BeDazzel
  • Create texture with a watercolor technique

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A Stinkin' Cute Card

Here's a perfect card for the kiddo's graduation milestones! Handmade cards are a great way to show a little one just how proud you are of them. Try it with our Stinkn' Smart Clear Stamp Set that features 3 adorable animals with fun greetings to match! This card will make them feel extra loved when they see all those cute animals congratulating them.

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A Perfect Pun-Filled Grad Card

We created this card just for fun, but realized this card fits great with graduation endearments, all you have to do is change the card greeting. Here are some ideas:

  • You've reached new heights!
  • You'll fly to the top! We believe in you!
  • If you beleive in yourself, your dreams will soar!
  • Beleive in yourself, dreams have no limit.

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Congratulations Graduates! Whether you’re gearing up to celebrate the success of your kiddo, or throwing a college-level bash, there are plenty of festive designs to get creative with. Colorful gradients, vibrant party designs, and cute adorable animals – you can choose whichever one speaks to you. Who said picking out a card had to be a hassle? Get creative and let your imagination take over.

We’d love to see the results! Share your handmade cards with us on social media using #STAMPWITHUS so we can enjoy yours as well.



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