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Easy Fall Leaf Place Cards

Looking for a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to dress up your Thanksgiving table this year? These Easy DIY Fall Leaf Place Cards are just the thing! Made with real leaves and a few simple supplies, they'll add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your holiday feast.

Supplies Needed

Follow these simple steps to create your own stamped fall leaf palce cards!

Fall Leaf Place Card: Instructions

1. Select Your Leaves.

The best way to find beautiful fall leaves is to go for a walk in a park or your own neighborhood. Look for brighly colored leaves that have recently fallen, without any holes, rips or tears. Select a variety of leaf styles such as Maple, Oak, or Birtch.

2. Stamp Your Leaf!

Using a grid lined acrylic block, spell out the names of your party guests with the Alphebet clear stamp set. Ink the letters with a pigment ink and stamp! Be sure to stamp with even and medium pressure.

"Pro Tip: When lifting your stamp from the leaf, hold the leaf down with a finger incase the leaf sticks to the ink. Then evenly lift the stamp from the leaf. This will improve the quality of your impression when removing the stamp from the leaf."

3. Stage the Place Setting

Lastly, stage your place setting with decorative plates or napkins. Place the leaf on top of the place settings where each guest is to sit.



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