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Find the Return Address Stamp Size That Fits Your Envelope

Picking the correct return address stamp for an envelope should be seamless and is here to help. Why use an address stamp? If you are a small business owner, homeowner, or just want to liven up your cards, address stamps provide a cost-effective way to brand, customize, and impress your audience. In this article, we will discuss the most common envelope sizes and how to decide which address stamp would work best for you.

Pointed Flap (Baronial) Envelopes

Pointed flap envelopes, commonly known as Baronial Envelopes, are among the most common envelope styles. This design features a traditional pointed flap frequently used for greeting cards or invitations. Many people spruce up this envelope with envelope liners for special events or occasions.

Most Common Pointed Flap Envelope Sizes:

  • 4 BAR
  • 5 BAR
  • 5 1/2 BAR
  • 6 BAR
  • Lee BAR Sizes

Return Address Stamp Sizes to Pair:

Contour Flap Envelopes

Contour flap envelopes are very similar to baronial envelopes. However, the contour design features a deep flap almost reaching the bottom of the envelope. This design is commonly used for greeting cards, announcements, or invitations. Add a Luxurious feel by adding an envelope liner for special events or occasions.

Most Common Contour Flap Envelope Sizes:

  • A7
  • A2
  • 6x9
  • A9

Square Flap Envelopes

Square flap envelopes are primarily used by businesses, but have a wide range of uses depending on the size of the envelope. Everything from greeting cards to tax forms can be found in these envelopes. Among the main three styles the square flap is widely regarded as the most professional.

Most Common Square Flap Envelope Sizes:

  • #10
  • A7
  • A2
  • A9

Which Stamp Do You Need?

Regardless of the envelope you decide to use there is a self-inking stamp that can assist in taking your mailing to the next level.

In most cases any mount size can work on your envelope, but to ensure you get the look and feel you desire it is a good idea to refer to the guide above before making your final selection.

To leave a lasting impression, try using an address stamp on the front of your envelope with a monogram stamp on the back. If professionality is something you value, this can quickly separate you from others.

Address Stamps vs Pre Printed Labels

A common question that is asked is whether using a stamp is cheaper than ordering pre-printed address labels/envelopes. This can depend on what site you order from, discounts/promos, and the volume of your order.

The main advantage of a rubber stamp is customization. The sky is the limit with the way you design a stamp while labels are very specific with how you can customize them. Not to mention with labels there is no way to escape the border that is present while address stamps do not have a border. Avoiding a border makes letters look more professional and can help your brand's perceived value.



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