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Student Name Cards - Project for the First Day of School

The new school year is here and for many teachers, the first big assignment is learning all their students' names. One classic way for teachers to accomplish this is to make a simple name card to put at the front of each student's desk. We thought we could turn this simple name card into a fun and creative project for the start of the school year!

Using the Alphabet Stamp Set, stickers, and a custom stamp the students can personalize their name cards and help the teacher and their fellow students not only learn their name but also get a sense of their interests and personality!


Step 1: Cut and Fold Paper

First, what you will need to do is cut and fold the scrapbook paper to make a good sized card. Looking down at the paper cut about fingers length off from the top and about a thumb's length on the side. Then all you need to is fold the paper in half, hamburger style!

Step 2: Stamp the Student's Name

Here is where the Alphabet Stamp Set comes into play. Using the stamp set is very simple, all you need to do is select the right letters and stick them onto your Acrylic Block (make sure you spell the name out backwards!).

Then Ink the letters with your Pigment Ink, make sure you get an even coating but don't put too much in or you might risk blotching.

Next grab the kraft cardstock and stamp it on the left hand side, make sure not to stamp on the edges or too close to the middle (we will be adding another stamp on the right side).

Step 3: Have Your Student Choose a Bonus Stamp

It's important to make sure your students can make their name card truly their own and with a mix of custom and pre-designed stamps like this French Bulldog Face Stamp, each student can find something to decorate their card with that will tell the class a little bit about them. These name cards are all about getting to know your students and having each student choose an additional stamp to decorate their card with allows them to personalize their card and get to know their peers better!

Step 4: Trim and Attach Kraft Cardstock paper to Name Card

By now you're nearly done with the name card. All you need to do is trim the kraft cardstock paper and glue it to the folder name card paper. Make sure you cut the kraft cardstock so that it will fit nicely on the folder name card paper leaving room to see the background designs on all sides.

Next you just need to glue the cardstock paper to the name card. Make sure you glue the cardstock paper to the left side of the name card, as we are going to be using the righthand space for something else in our last step!

Step 5: Put on the Sticker

This very last step, which is optional but is sure to be fun for the students and will spruce up the name card, is to add a sticker to the right side of the name card. We used the School 3D Stickers from Hobby Lobby, but any somewhat large stickers will work. We think school themed stickers work well since this is going to be a part of the classroom, but feel free to use any stickers that make sense for you. Maybe try a variety of stickers so students have another opportunity to personalize their name card!

Once you're finished with these steps the name cards are ready to be put right up at the front of each student's desk! You might be tempted to make everything but the stamps and the stickers to save time but we recommend having the students follow these steps and make their own as it is a perfect little project to start the school year off!



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