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Teacher Stamps for the New School Year

The new school year is just around the corner, and instructors are busy stocking up on supplies. Teacher stamps can help make the transition much easier -- grade papers, send messages to parents, provide praise, spruce up stationery, and more! Even if you're not a teacher, these stamps make a great back-to-school gift for a new or favorite instructor.

Hand Washing Stamp

One stamp that is perfect for the new school year is the Hand Washing Stamp. With COVID-19 still at large and the rise of the Delta variant, concerns on health and safety at our schools are running high again. The handwashing stamp offers a way to keep students safe and less likely to spread the virus. The Hand Washing Stamp uses a child-safe ink, specially formulated for use on skin, and washes off after 6 to 10 hand washings. Teachers can stamp the child's hand in the morning, and then know at the end of the day if they have been washing their hands!

Book Stamps

One group of stamps that are great for teachers going into the new school year are our Book Stamps. These stamps are great for marking the books in your classroom to make sure you're able to keep track of all those pricey books. Book stamps aren't just a practical and useful marking tool, they also allow teachers to add a little personality to their books.

Positive Feedback Stamps

A set of stamps that are particularly useful for teachers and also benefit the students is the Positive Feedback Stamps. These stamps are great for teachers to quickly and efficiently provide personal feedback to all of their students. A stamp like this "Awesome Job!" stamp may not say a ton, but for a young student to receive that positive and colorful stamp, it can be very rewarding and encouraging.

Grading Stamps

For all Teachers, grading can be a time-consuming pain, and for many can be one of their least favorite things about the job. It doesn't have to be this way though, with our Grading Stamps, teachers can easily provide feedback and grading in a fun and efficient way. There is a variety of Grading Stamps to choose from, including this Teacher Correction Stamp that provides the teacher checkboxes they can mark for what they need from the student to learn from their mistakes and correct their work!

Property Of Stamps

Another set of stamps that are a must-have for the new school year are the Property of Stamps. These stamps are extremely helpful for teachers as they allow them to easily mark all of their important classroom materials in order to track them and make sure they don't get misplaced and end up in some other classroom. For many teachers, you may end up spending a lot of your own money on classroom materials and the last thing you'd want is for that to all go to waste. Just like the Book Stamps from earlier, these stamps also provide a little personality to the classroom materials!

Custom Teacher Avatar Stamps

The last set of stamps perfect for the new school year are the Custom Teacher Avatar Stamps. These stamps have to be the most interesting and fun stamps we offer for teachers. To make one of these Avatar Stamps all you need to do is pick a style and then personalize it with your own custom avatar. Making your avatar is the fun part, you can choose from a bunch of options to make your cartoon look-a-like. These stamps are great for making your grading very personal and more engaging for your students.



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