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10 Crafty Instagram Accounts to Follow

If you're a crafter (casual or expert), you probably have found yourself looking for inspiration on Instagram. If you're searching through crafting accounts, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. There is a seemingly endless amount of crafty Instagram accounts, and it can be a little daunting to try and sift through them all to find the ones worth following. So we went ahead and did all the busy work for you! After a while of sifting through quality crafters, we put this list of 10 crafty Instagram accounts you should follow (in no particular order).

1. Happiness is Creating Β 

The first Instagram account you should follow for some crafting inspiration is Happiness is creating. Happiness is Creating is fun crafting and DIY Instagram and blog made by Meghan. Meghan created the page to share her DIYs and craft projects and to provide inspiration and a guide to all the crafters and DIYers out there! If you want to get into crafting or DIYs, you NEED to give her Instagram a follow and be sure to follow her blog as well, where she walks through some of her projects!

2. Craftic

Another crafting account we love that you should follow right now is Craftic. Craftic is a DIY and crafting account started by Jen, an amazing crafter from Queens NY, to provide fun and easy DIY tutorials that only require the craft supplies you already have! The page is perfect for aspiring crafters or seasoned vets. On top of the tutorials Jen also will post colorful inspiration to get your creative motor running, Go ahead and give her Instagram a follow and don't forget to check out the blog as well!

3. Kimberly Lauren Crafts

Looking for a fun decorative craft project to spruce up your daily planner, check out Kimberly Lauren Crafts. Started by Kimberly in Kansas City, Kimberly Lauren Crafts is a unique crafting page that focuses on crafting and decorating planners. Follow her on Instagram to regularly see her colorful and stylish planners and get some inspiration for your own planner. If your looking for inspiration and want to make your planner less dull and more exciting give Kimberly Lauren Crafts a follow!

4. Damask Love

This one is special. If you're going to follow any of the accounts on this list and you had to pick one...make it this one. Damask Love is a one-of-a-kind crafting superstar! Back in 2015 Amber Kemp-Gerstel founded Damask Love and decided to go crafting full time. Since then she has built a successful Instagram and blog, she has appeared as a DIY expert on the Today show, she was a finalist on NBC's "Making it" and perhaps most impressively she is now the host of Disney Family Sundays - a brand new series on Disney+. Damask Love's Instagram is full of fun crafting projects and colorful inspiration. There is a real sense of fun and wonder to her content that is hard not to love. She also offers step by step tutorials on craft projects through her blog! Go ahead and follow her on Instagram and check out her blog, you won' regret it!

5. Crafterward

Another crafty Instagram account you should follow is Craftward by Elle Bee. Craftward is a crafting, DIY & lifestyle account that is fully of colorful and fun craft projects and general crafting inspiration. If you go through to from her Instagram page you will find tons of tutorials and inspiration for craft projects ranging from general DIY, to food crafts, to cute holiday projects. Be sure to check out Craftward during the holidays as Elle specializes in fun, easy to follow holiday themed crafts and inspiration for your holiday decorations.

6. Crafts of a Different Shade

Be sure to follow Crafts of a Different Shade as founder and creator Alicia Desiree encourages her audience to be creative, no matter what other people may think or say. She gives her audience the tools and knowledge to learn to create. If you're looking for a place to learn crafting techniques but are scared or don't know where to start, don't worry Alicia has your back!

7. Design Fixation

Another crafty account you absolutely should be following if you aren't already is Design Fixation, a DIY craft account based out of Boston started by Faith Towers Provencher. This account is another one of our personal favorites, Faith is a wonderful blogger and crafter and her projects are some of the best we've seen! If you're a budding DIY'er looking for an easy to follow step by step tutorial for one of your first craft projects or if you're a seasoned vet just looking for a little inspiration, Design Fixation is a the place to go! Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her crafts and check out her blog to learn how to make them for yourself!

8. A Little Craft in Your Day

One fun crafty Instagram account that you should follow is A Little Craft in Your Day, a colorful DIY account started by teenagers Tanner and Courtney. If you're looking for colorful craft projects, DIY inspiration, and an account teeming with positive energy, A little Craft in Your Day is the perfect page for you. Check out their Instagram for cute finished projects and inspiration and don't forget to take a look at their blog for step by step walkthroughs for the latest DIY craft project.

9. Fern and Maple Style

One more crafty Instagram account you need to follow the "party Styling Inspiration" account, Fern and Maple Style. Originally from New Zealand, Natalie Mayhew harnessed the power of her imagination with her passion for entertaining to create an account focused on DIYs and craft projects for events and party dΓ©cor. Planning a graduation party, birthday, wedding, or any other event? Give Fern and maple a follow and be sure to check out their blog for affordable and creative DIY dΓ©cor ideas for any celebration or event!

10. White House Crafts

One last crafty Instagram account to follow is White House Crafts, a small but wonderful page that showcases fun and simple craft projects. The page was started by Antonella Grossi as a side gig on the weekends but the craft projects she shares are top quality! White House Crafts regularly posts colorful and stylish but simple crafts and if you check out their blog for several tutorials that are perfect for beginners looking to get started in the crafting world!

Whether you're a beginner or experienced crafter, go ahead and follow as many of these accounts as you'd like and you will find real value in receiving easy step by step tutorials and crafting inspiration that should get your creative mind rolling and help you raise your crafting game.



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