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Funny BBQ Card for Birthday or Father's Day

You know what they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! And the best way to bring on the grub? A good ol' fashioned BBQ. So this Father's Day (or birthday) give your dad, husband, partner or special someone a fun BBQ card that'll give him more than one compliment!

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

"Grill Em A Good Time" Card Instructions

1. Stamp card images

To use photopolymer stamps, peel them from their backing sheet and place them onto an acrylic stamp block. Since photopolymer has some tackiness, you can reuse them over and over again. You can easily create the appearance of different condiments by using different colored ink. However, for our purposes, we will be using black ink so that we can add color later.

If you have a Cricut machine, you can use the Cricut design files to cut the shapes of your stamped images, giving them a cleaner and more professional look. Otherwise, you can stamp the images onto card stock and cut them out with scissors.

2. Create a pattern with your stamps

Creating a pattern using stamps is an easy way to add interest and texture to your paper crafts. When you're creating a pattern, it's important to keep in mind that you don't want it to look too uniform or repetitive. Try rotating your stamp images, using different images in your pattern and stamping off-page for an organic patterned look.

"You don't want the pattern to look too uniform or repetative...rotate the stamps, use different images in your patterna and stamp off-page."

Another thing to consider when creating a pattern is the size and spacing of your stamps. You want to make sure that your stamps aren't too close together, or else your pattern will look too busy. On the other hand, if your stamps are too far apart, your pattern will look sparse and unfinished. You can also experiment with using different colored ink.

3. Color your stamps

Now it is time to make the stamped images look like real condiments! Take out your favorite coloring medium; you can use markers, colored pencils, or even watercolor. Add a little color to each of your stamped images. Start with your base color and add shading from there.

Tip: For the apron, get creative! We went with a simple grey design but other colors will work just as well! If you're really feeling ambitious, add a pattern.

4. Dry with a heat gun (optional)

To ensure that the ink dries properly on the card, it is recommended to use a heat gun. This will significantly speed up the drying process, and prevent the ink from smearing as we move onto the next steps. Once the ink has dried, we can then move onto the next step which is to glue the patterned paper onto the card.

5. Add a 3D effect

Adhesive Styrofoam dots can be used to make your handmade greeting cards stand out and add a 3D effect. Place the dots on the back of your elements that you want raised up from the background of your card.

5. Create the card greeting

For this card, we are using the term "smokin" provided in the stamp set as well as using alphabeht stamps to customize the message. Alphabet stamps are super handy to have on hand for custom messages you may want to create on lyour own!

Additonal greetings to try:

  • Hot off the grill
  • King of the Grill
  • The Grill Father
  • BBQ Master
  • BBQ Legend
  • You're Flipin' Awesome!

6. Add a drop shadow

Add some interest by drawing a drop shadow to the stamped impressions. A drop shadow is a visual effect where one draws shadow in a slightly different position to make the element look 3D. Follow the contour of the stamp with your marker. Use different colors for the different elements.

Congratulations! You've successfully completed your BBQ card for a birthday or Father's Day celebration with a unique twist. With some stamping, coloring, and foam feet, you created a masterpiece that will bring out the grill master in any dad. Make sure to show off your fabulous creation on social media! After all, all dads deserve recognition for their grilling skills.

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