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Hand Pick Your Own Flower Greeting Card

Learn how to make a flower card with this simple design and warm greeting. Our "Flowers are Happiness" clear stamp set has all the flowers you need to build your own bouquet - no florist required. Forget the fuss of pop-up cards, intricate paper flowers and complicated designs - anyone can make these unique cards filled with their own special bloomin' blooms. Now, grab your supplies and follow along as we create this flower greeting card that's perfect for Mother's Day, thank you cards, birthdays, weddings, sympathy cards and more!

Greeting Card Materials:

Required Materials

Optional and Recommended Materials

Flowers Are Happiness - Flower Card Instructions

1. Prepare your workspace and card background

To get started, gather all of your materials so you have them accessible. We have already selected our choice of background cardstock. For this project, we chose a distressed wood look. Additionally, we have gathered a fun and unique material that is a veneer craft wood paper. This material is real wood that is cut so thin, it acts like a cardstock paper - it's flexible and easy to work with, giving your craft projects a real wood texture and feel. Try adding this material to your supplies, we think it's really neat!

2. Ink your stamps

If you have a cricut machiene, downlaod the free Cricut files so that you can cut out your stamp dies. If not, simply stamp onto white cardstock and hand-cut around your images.

Once your white card stock or stamp cut-outs are ready, it's time to ink your stamps. Using clear stamps is easy, simply peel your stamp from it's backing sheet and place onto an acrylic stamp block. The photopolymer is slightly tacky, so your stamp can easily stick and be removed from your stamp block.

Then, ink your stamp with the ink pad and color of your choice. In this project we are using a variety of pigment ink colors, which is great for producing the most vibrant, highly-saturated, and bright impressions.

3. Optional: Stamp with multiple colors

If you have never tried inking your stamp with multiple colors, now is the perfect time to do so! Using the corner of the ink pad, just ink part of the stamp with one color the the other area, with a different color! You can also ink your stamp by blending two colors together to create a gradient.

Tip: To try this technique, you MUST be using a raised ink pad surface.

4. Layer the wood paper

Now we are ready to add the wood paper to our card to create our "Shelves." We created two shelves with a darker and lighter wood to create depth and contrast. Place the paper over the card background and using a pencil - lightly draw a line where you want to cut your paper. Repeat with the second shelf.

5. Arrange and assemble your layout and design

As always, we recomend placing all your items before gluing them down. This allows you to make design choices such as whiched stamped images you may or may not want to use, and where to place them. For example, in this project you need to decide if you want your flowers behind the vases as if the vase was solid, or in front of the vases as if they were clear. 

Once your layout and design is determined, you can start gluing your elements down using a glue tape runner and adhesive dots to create a more 3-dimensional look. We also added peral embellishments at the end for the center of some of our flowers.

Did you like this project? Follow us for more ideas like this!

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